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tapestry: a new way to write

[updated on 28th november]

Two and a half weeks ago we released tapestry – an iPhone app that lets you read tapable stories. What are tappable stories? In April Robin Sloan released Fish: a tap essay – a simple story contained within an app. Tap Fish is, as Robin describes it, is a short heartfelt essay about the difference between liking something on the internet and loving something. I loved the essay, it made me think. About fish. And about the medium, I loved the medium – It’s short, sharp and very immersive. It successfully asks the reader for a bit, just a bit, of full. Total. Attention.

tapestry lets you create your own tappable stories. It lets you author fish like stories. There are two pieces to tapestry – the app that lets you read and a web site that lets you write stories. In the last two weeks about 500 stories have been written. A few of these new stories are...

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